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I graduated from department of Cengiz Özer' s Turkish Jewelry at The Ministry of National Education in 1987.
In 1988 I started apprenticeship with Çetin Serttaş at İzmir Jewelry bazaar and earned a certificate of mastership.

In 1989 Turkish TV Channel (Kanal D) made a program about me being first master woman jewelry designer and introduced my workshop.

Between 1990-1992 I worked as teacher at 9 September University (Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi) gave Jewelry Design lessons. Some of my students had been working with me since then.
At my private jewelry design course I gave scholarship to my graduated students.

CNN Türk TV Channel made a program about my exhibition Anatolian Civilization Jewelry called '' Anadolu Medeniyetleri Takıları'' . They interviewed about my design collection in 2002.

TRT 2 TV Channel made a special announcement about my work and being first Turkish women jewelry craftsman in 2004.

I was the special guest at Memleketten Haber Var live program at 2005 produced by TRT- İnternational TV Channel.

“ I studied years and years different chain methods used in many cultures such as Early Bronze Age, Kingdom of Lydia, Hellenistic period and Roman period.

I learned when I was assistant master jewelry designer the famous saying “Patience is the real step of craftsmanship” . I truly believe that saying. I have been working on making perfect seamless chain design in years. Most handmade chain design are based on two piece of loop added each other. I tried to create something different. That took 7 years of my life. I finally managed to create continuous loop chain. This was a real challenge for me. I also got my patent under Şive design my continuous loop chain. I am using my method of continuous loop chain in many other jewelry pieces such as rings, brooches and of course necklaces.

All my jewelry special pieces are custom orders and unique. You may see my models under products page or whole catalog pieces under collection page at my web site.

I use my method continuous loop chain create unique brooch and pendants such as around cameos and antique coins.
All Şive jewelry pieces has label of my name as stamped underneath.

I believe being first women jewelry designer in Turkey gives me more responsibility. I try my best to show my jewelers around different exhibitions.
I work hard to reintroduce Anatolian Civilization jewelers which has been forgotten in today's world.

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